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30 Money Saving Home Interior Wall Decor Ideas

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Now is the time to look after our pennies, but it doesn’t mean we can’t give our interior walls a fresh new look on a budget. So this month we have decided to give you 30 money saving home interior wall decor ideas to fire up your imagination.

We should never underestimate how far a fresh lick of paint can go, but if the budget doesn’t stretch to new tins of paint there are still plenty of ways to make a statement or feature wall.

In this article we aim to give you the confidence and inspiration to transform your walls on your budget.


Here are 30 money saving home interior
wall decor ideas to get you going…

(Pictures by: Country Living, Collective Gen, Jason Donnelly) 



Look on preloved websites such as freecycle.org to find some great wall art pieces, and stop great things going into landfill.

Swap around artwork, mirrors and wall art from room to room in your home to give your rooms a new look for no extra cost.

Display some loved and meaningful possessions on shelving instead of hidden in boxes.

Enter competitions for make-overs, art, fabrics, new kitchens and bathrooms or anything that takes your fancy to possibly give your home a new and exciting look. As they say, if you’re not in it – you can’t win it!

Use clip boards or pin boards to display images you love. These could include images from magazines, artwork from your kids or funny doodles you’ve created.


(Pictures: 33 Decor, David Hillegas, Pinterest)


Take any unused paint from your shed or garage and create an abstract feature wall.

Try taster pots rather than big paint tubs to add a zing of colour to a corner.

Use kids paint to create your own piece of bespoke artwork. Get the kids involved and make it super special.

Up-cycle mirrors by giving their frames a matching paint effect.

Revamp your woodwork with tester pots.

Create your artwork on a different material rather than paper. Try wood, plates, fabric and tiles you may have lying around.

Use left over wallpaper to create a unique and stylish feature wall.

Love hats, mats, coasters or even shoes? Display them on the wall in a pattern and make a feature of them.

Use leftover tiles to frame a fireplace.



(Pictures by: Ricardo Fontenele, Pinterest, Paper & Stitch)


Paint boring white tiles with your favourite colour tile paint to give a fresh new look on a budget. Create a stencil if you would like a repeat pattern effect.

Try using fabric or wool to create woven wall artwork.

Hang a loved quilt and turn it into wall art.

Use paper and scissors to create silhouette wall art with an impact.

Cover canvas frames with loved but unused material such as pillow cases, tablecloths or material from old clothes.

Use old crockery to create a mosaic masterpiece.

Be musical and use an instrument such as a guitar as shelving.

Turn broken objects into hooks for your bags and coats. Keep in mind sharp objects such as garden rakes would need to be displayed high enough so not to be of danger to children – or clumsy adults.

Use large wallpaper off cuts and wood to make a stylish bed head.

Sell some of your unwanted items to fund a new look.


(Pictures by: hometalk.com, unknown, bhg.com)



Need a new piece to finish off a room? Shop at second-hand shops to find some great buys.

Buy nearly new pieces on EBay, Facebook Marketplace or Shpock that will give your room a new focal point.

Re-grout wall tiles to bring them up like new. Feeling creative? Tr a coloured grout that matches your rooms colour scheme.

Take advantage of any up-and-coming sales in your favourite stores.

Visit car boot sales. You will be amazed at some of the bargains you can pick up.

Use loved photographs as a feature wall and replace them when you have new favourites.


(Pictures by: damasklove.com, Liz Johnson, bhg.com)


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