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Best Brand Storytelling Christmas adverts 2022

We are told to buy products all year round, but at Christmas advertising certainly ramps up a gear. Many go for the well known approach of trendy music accompanied with buy now offers. It can be hard to stand out when there is so much going on, but to make people stop and listen you need to take a different approach.

Telling stories in a marketing campaign changes the pace. It makes you stop, take notice and become invested in your story. Isn’t that what we all want – someone to stop and listen and understand how we can make peoples lives better? With all the ‘buy me’ noise around, the companies that make us listen will be the ones that will succeed. Not only this Christmas but going forward into next year.

Here are my best 3 brand storytelling Christmas adverts that don’t directly sell a product – but win by selling a feeling.


1. The National Lottery – Just Imagine

The ad begins with a chance encounter between two people who meet on a train and hastily exchange a phone number on the back of a National Lottery ticket. When the girl picks up the ticket after landing in a puddle the number is smudged, we are left willing the pair to come back together. With the news of an unclaimed winning lottery ticket, the tension mounts. Ultimately, the couple reunite, lucky in love and the lottery, making this Christmas a truly magical one. The ad encourages the public to take a chance and believe in the magic of hope and possibility this Christmas.

One of the most difficult tricks to pull off is to create a sense of uncertainty when literally everyone knows there will be a happy ending. This advert pulls it off with aplomb. Not only does this advert guarantee a burst of serotonin when it’s watched the first time, it ensures that subsequent viewings will be enjoyed too.

It’s also rather lovely that the lottery win is incidental.

This is unquestionably one of the best storytelling films this year.


2. McDonalds – The List

McDonald’s has produced one of the most touching Christmas adverts of the season with ‘The List’. A little boy, named Alfie starts making his Christmas list after he sees a little girl and her father playing out with a bike. Alfie starts to make a massive Christmas list while his mum sets about ticking things off hers.

Alfie sets off walking to the post to deliver his list when a gust of wind whisks it out of his hand and into the sky. Alfie is devastated so his mum takes him to McDonald’s for some food. When they leave, he reveals the one wish he had left in his pocket – a drawing of him and his family together.

A beautiful reminder that Christmas is about being with the people you love rather than getting loads of presents.


3. John Lewis – The Beginning

John Lewis’ Christmas advert centres around a foster family, who are about to welcome a new child in care to their home.

The child loves to skateboard, so her new foster father sets about learning the tricky skill in a bid to help her fit into her new home. Viewers then see a series of tumbles and scrapes as he continuously tries to master skateboarding.

Finally, just moments before Ellie arrives at her new home, he makes a breakthrough – though not without some war wounds along the way! Ellie softens as she spots her new foster father’s skateboard as well as his poorly arm and agrees to enter their home.

Highlighting that special moment where someone goes out of their way to do something wonderful for you. It did leave me wondering if John Lewis actually sell skateboards. I better go on their website and have a look!




To be successful you need to gain trust, loyalty and excitement in your brand. You have to think beyond the product or service you are selling and create an emotion behind your brand. No one cares what you sell – they care how it will make them feel.


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