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We know what it feels like to...

– Build a responsive newsletter database while consistently crafting engaging content without draining your valuable time

– Maintain a consistent and effective use of your brand across print and digital channels

– Find effective ways to compete with larger or more established brands with limited budgets and resources

– Create a strong brand presence and generate leads that translate into success at events

Key Brand Power Hour Benefits

Speed and efficiency
Quick solutions for pressing branding concerns, allowing you to save valuable time and resources.

Expert Guidance
Gain expert insights and proven strategies to enhance your brand’s visual presence

Customised Solutions
A 3-point action plan tailored to each business’s specific branding needs

The service offers exceptional value for top branding expertise without breaking the bank

It's time to get started!

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PRICE: £170

Your Brand Power Hour will include:

– A 60 minute online or telephone conversation in which to discuss your visual branding problem with a visual branding expert

– A 3-point action plan sent to you via email which will provide you with focus and confidence on your problem

– Take action and and solve your visual branding problem

Our clients no longer struggle with...

Lack of confidence or brand direction

Confused clients or customers

Standing out in a competitive market

Attracting their ideal customer

Squark Design Guarantee

If we can’t help you to start solving your visual brand or brand storytelling problem, we will give you your money back – GUARANTEED!

Squark Design brand Promise

Everything we design is focused on you to help you build trust, loyalty and excitement in your brand. For us, it’s about creating a long-term relationship with our clients and supporting them through the growth and success of their brand.

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