What does a Visual Brand Storyteller do?

Person 1: “What do you do?”  Me: “I’m a Visual Brand Storyteller.” Person 1: “Interesting. What is that?” Me: “I help aspiring business owners tell their brand story through all visual aspects of their communication, helping them to create authenticity, loyalty and excitement in their brand.” Person 1: “So you’re a Graphic Designer then?” Me: […]

Pros and cons for using a digital backdrop in business

With more people working from home or dividing their working week between the home and office, virtual meetings are here to stay, so what is the best way to showcase your company personality? A variety of background options have come to light over the last few years from blank walls, shelving, unusual fabrics to virtual […]

What are the 5 Biggest Benefits of Brand Storytelling?

It’s an exciting time for businesses and business owners. With all the different digital formats in which you can talk to your prospective customers, it gives you the chance to develop a relationship with people through your content. Whether it’s through your website, emails or social media, sharing your brand story across these areas is […]

5 work space design trends to get your staff back in the office

During the pandemic in 2020-2021, employers saw the benefits of alternating office days and working from home days. They also realised that their office spaces need to be more than just a place to get a job done. They need to attract workers, act as safe spaces and give perks that working from home can’t […]