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Pros and cons for using a digital backdrop in business

With more people working from home or dividing their working week between the home and office, virtual meetings are here to stay, so what is the best way to showcase your company personality? A variety of background options have come to light over the last few years from blank walls, shelving, unusual fabrics to virtual […]

Do I need a green screen for my virtual business background?

You don’t have to use a green screen. You can simply use the wall in your office, but to get the most from your background a green screen is recommended.   Why use a green screen? If you’ve ever used a virtual background feature without a green screen, you’ve probably noticed the glitches. That’s because […]

Top 5 company digital background disasters

I have seen some really bad digital background designs. I mean, REALLY bad. These kind of backdrops actually have the opposite effect to what they should be having. A good company background should showcase the brand, engage with a strong message while elevating your business above others. This will create the right impression and leave […]

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