How can a Visual Brand Storyteller help my business?

Maybe you are wondering how a visual brand storyteller can help you and your brand. Let me explain. Visual brand storytelling incorporates the elements of great graphic design and communication design and takes things a step further by fully understanding the core of the brands they work with to effectively communicate their story, values, vision. […]

Pros and Cons of Business Branded Content

What Is Business Branded Content?   Branded content for business is a marketing technique that involves creating content that is directly focused on a brands values, story or promise rather than on the specific products or services that it offers.  Branded content for business generates added value for your ideal customers. Instead of looking for […]

Top 5 Storytelling Adverts that create emotion

When was the last time you saw an advert that made you feel some sort of emotion? Happy, sad, angry – emotion, whatever it is, makes you remember the brand in question. I know as I write this a number of adverts are popping into your head and you maybe even singing along if jingle […]

Simply explained: Logos, Branding and Visual Brand Storytelling

What is the difference between a logo, branding, brand identity and visual brand storytelling? It’s ok to not know the terms and what they mean. If you asked me to tell you the difference between four different types of bolts I probably couldn’t it – but those bolts are vital to keeping that object your […]

How can I Bring My Brand Story to Life

If you have been churning out the same content for years but you aren’t getting the results you desire, it’s time to look at a new approach. Change can be scary, but we have proved you can transform your content by incorporating these three simple steps.  This approach allows business owners to have a clearer […]

How do I start telling my brand story?

You may have been in business 3 months or 30 years, but there is one thing that differentiates you from every other competitor out there, and that is you and your brand story. I am not talking about your values and messaging – that comes later, I am talking about how your business came to […]

What does a Visual Brand Storyteller do?

Person 1: “What do you do?”  Me: “I’m a Visual Brand Storyteller.” Person 1: “Interesting. What is that?” Me: “I help aspiring business owners tell their brand story through all visual aspects of their communication, helping them to create authenticity, loyalty and excitement in their brand.” Person 1: “So you’re a Graphic Designer then?” Me: […]

Pros and cons for using a digital backdrop in business

With more people working from home or dividing their working week between the home and office, virtual meetings are here to stay, so what is the best way to showcase your company personality? A variety of background options have come to light over the last few years from blank walls, shelving, unusual fabrics to virtual […]

5 benefits of Brand Storytelling you CAN NOT ignore

It’s an exciting time for businesses and business owners. With all the different digital formats in which you can talk to your prospective customers, it gives you the chance to develop a relationship with people through your content. Whether it’s through your website, emails or social media, sharing your brand story across these areas is […]