5 Bad Business Card Designs (and how to avoid making them) 

We all know it’s about first impressions in business. Handing over a professionally designed business card that represents your brand, style, messaging and personality reflects well on your ideal customer – automatically communicating confidence and a level of professionalism in your brand without you even having to tell them how great you are.  We know […]

What to look for when checking my design proof?

It may sound obvious what you should look for when checking a design proof, but you would be surprised how many mistakes can get through by not checking your proof properly. The most common errors are in spelling people and place names. To make sure your project isn’t subject to ant embarrassing mistakes, here are […]

How can a Visual Brand Storyteller help my business?

Maybe you are wondering how a visual brand storyteller can help you and your brand. Let me explain. Visual brand storytelling incorporates the elements of great graphic design and communication design and takes things a step further by fully understanding the core of the brands they work with to effectively communicate their story, values, vision. […]

Is Visual Brand Storytelling the same as Graphic Design?

For years, graphic design has been the only and familiar term people have used to express visual design. It can encompass the entire field of using visuals to deliver a message, or it can be used to discuss a specific, small part of design. There are many areas such as as communication design and visual […]

Simply explained: Logos, Branding and Visual Brand Storytelling

What is the difference between a logo, branding, brand identity and visual brand storytelling? It’s ok to not know the terms and what they mean. If you asked me to tell you the difference between four different types of bolts I probably couldn’t it – but those bolts are vital to keeping that object your […]

5 homemade logo disasters

If you are a new business, I know money can be tight. There is so much that needs to be done, that your money ends up being spread rather thin. For some reason, branding is put on the back seat when a business starts that the business owner designs to design the logo themselves – […]

What does a Visual Brand Storyteller do?

Person 1: “What do you do?”  Me: “I’m a Visual Brand Storyteller.” Person 1: “Interesting. What is that?” Me: “I help aspiring business owners tell their brand story through all visual aspects of their communication, helping them to create authenticity, loyalty and excitement in their brand.” Person 1: “So you’re a Graphic Designer then?” Me: […]

5 benefits of Brand Storytelling you CAN NOT ignore

It’s an exciting time for businesses and business owners. With all the different digital formats in which you can talk to your prospective customers, it gives you the chance to develop a relationship with people through your content. Whether it’s through your website, emails or social media, sharing your brand story across these areas is […]