Feature walls – Outdated vs Desirable

For some, the feature wall is hopelessly out-of-date but for others, it’s a foolproof way to add style and personality to a space. So who’s right? Many people don’t know how to do a feature wall well, so what we often see reinforces the view that feature walls should be left in the past. Yet […]

30 Money Saving Home Interior Wall Decor Ideas

(Cover image by: damasklove.com)   Now is the time to look after our pennies, but it doesn’t mean we can’t give our interior walls a fresh new look on a budget. So this month we have decided to give you 30 money saving home interior wall decor ideas to fire up your imagination. We should never […]

How to create a Multifunctional Workspace in your home

Turning a room into a multi-functional space doesn’t need to effect how you host family and friends. Using a space more efficiently makes common sense, especially now for some hybrid and home working is a part of everyday life. The trick is to create a multifunctional room that boosts your creativity but equally works as […]

8 Areas that will Improve Productivity in your Home Office

Improving your productivity in your home office can be tricky. Mixing home and work life is difficult enough without having to add to the stress of whether you will get your list of work done today. With that in mind Squark Design have highlighted 8 areas in which you can create a better space for home […]

Funky wall lights for feature walls 2022

Our 2019 ‘Funky Wall Lights for Feature Walls’ article was so liked we have decided to do our favourites for 2022. Whether you use paint or a stunning wallpaper, these wall lights are great additions to highlight your feature wall.  Prices were correct at time of publishing.     1. Milky Glass Orb Wall Light […]

Improve your health and mentality with colour

I am sure you know that every very colour can trigger a different mood, emotion or feeling in your space – so picking the right colour for you at the beginning is key. But did you know certain colours are believed to improve your health – both physically and mentally? Below is a brief guide […]

10 DIY Home Decoration Ideas to Transform Your Space

Create a ‘wow’ factor space in your home in 2022 with these top ten quick and simple wall decoration ideas to transform your space and create a happier place for you and your family to spend your time.   1. Step outside your comfort zone To make a dramatic change to any room, the two […]

How do I correctly work out the square meter of my walls?

When measuring an area that you want to be covered in a material such as a bespoke wallpaper, you’re going to have to work out the number of square metres to figure out how much material you need to order.   What’s the formula to calculate square metres The formula is quite simple it is […]

How do I measure my walls correctly for rolls of wallpaper?

Measuring up your walls for wallpaper can be a tricky job. We have provide some top tips and tricks so you don’t make any costly mistakes when it comes to buying rolls of wallpaper.   You will need: – A measuring tape that is long enough to run across the longest, or highest wall, or […]

How do I measure my walls correctly for bespoke wallpaper?

Sometimes seen as a simple job, but can often be rushed and not done correctly. There is a reason why the saying ‘measure twice, cut once’ exists. So many mistakes can be made at this point that it is worth taking your time by taking multiple measurements across the space to ensure you get exactly […]