30 Money Saving Home Interior Wall Decor Ideas

(Cover image by: damasklove.com)   Now is the time to look after our pennies, but it doesn’t mean we can’t give our interior walls a fresh new look on a budget. So this month we have decided to give you 30 money saving home interior wall decor ideas to fire up your imagination. We should never […]

How to create a Multifunctional Workspace in your home

Turning a room into a multi-functional space doesn’t need to effect how you host family and friends. Using a space more efficiently makes common sense, especially now for some hybrid and home working is a part of everyday life. The trick is to create a multifunctional room that boosts your creativity but equally works as […]

8 Areas that will Improve Productivity in your Home Office

Improving your productivity in your home office can be tricky. Mixing home and work life is difficult enough without having to add to the stress of whether you will get your list of work done today. With that in mind Squark Design have highlighted 8 areas in which you can create a better space for home […]

10 DIY Home Decoration Ideas to Transform Your Space

Create a ‘wow’ factor space in your home in 2022 with these top ten quick and simple wall decoration ideas to transform your space and create a happier place for you and your family to spend your time.   1. Step outside your comfort zone To make a dramatic change to any room, the two […]

How often should I refresh or update my wall decor or coverings?

“In total, the average man would spend £15,250 to achieve their dream home whereas, confident in their bargain abilities and content in their homes already, women would spend just £13,800 on improvements.”   Would you consider changing your wall covering material if there was a solution that meant that you had to refresh or update […]