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Flexible Branding Services

Lighten your workload. Use us as a flexible asset to support or manage your brand, design, communications and brand experience - so you can focus on beating targets.

Tell us how we can help and support you and get booked on the right option for you

Use us as a flexible asset to create whatever visual branding you need, when you need it

Free up more time for yourself knowing your visual branding is in safe hands

You choose, how to work with us

Per project

Ideal for:
One off design projects, Branding and Logo Design, Service launches, Exhibition Design

Pretty self explanatory, whenever you need help with a project, contact us and we will help you wherever we can to get your project seen by your ideal customer.

To get your quote just email us at:

Hours per month

Ideal for:
Content Creation, Consultation, Small Design Projects

A new flexible service, perfect if you need help with content creation, consultation, regular advert or marketing design. Set yourself up with 6 hours of design time per month so we can take care of these jobs for you, allowing you to get on with those more important jobs.

Cost Example: 3 hours for £225

Days per month

Ideal for:
All Visual Branding, Design and Consultancy Services. Perfect for large or ongoing projects

This is ideal when the hourly plan is not enough. Perfect for large and/or ongoing projects and for regular visual branding and design support. Reserve up to 5 full days per month of flexible visual branding and consultancy time, saving you time and money over hiring and training a full time employee.

Cost Example: 3 days for £900

It's time to take back control!​


Introduce yourself

– Lets talk about your brand
– Understand how we can support you
– Know which option is best for you 


Get your brand visible

– Feel relief as you get booked on
– Take control of your visual brand
– Use us as a flexible asset


Flexible branding support

– Free up more time for yourself
– Save money on a full time designer
– Know your brand is in safe hands

What our clients have to say

5 most asked questions - How to work with us

The best thing to do is to either schedule a meeting or email me to have a chat. We can work out if or where you need support and tell you what options are available to you along with costs.
I will talk to you ahead of each month so if you need more or less time, just let us know before we send your monthly invoice out to you. Work will not start until payment has been received.
You can more your time on to the following month within each financial quarter. On the 31st March, 30th June, 30th September and 31st December all outstanding time will be wiped clean. It has been set up like this so you can keep control of your quarterly costs. (This is subject to my discretion). No money will be refunded for time not used.
I will talk to you ahead of each month to find out where you need support and will let you know if your work will not fit within your booked time. If your project needs more time to get it completed, you have 3 options. 1. You can add more time 2. You can run the project across 2 or more months 3. Turn it into a one off project and cancel your months booked hours/days.
If you want to cancel just let us know. We will cancel your booking immediately. There is no cost penalty for cancelling. If you have time remaining with us this will be lost and no refund will be given.

Receive your flexible branding quote

How it works


Use the form to place your order. We will be in touch to arrange a date and send you an invoice.


Know you are taking action to improve and grow your business.


Receive your electronic report, 3 action points and our support – whenever you need it.


Call us on 01476 24 50 52 to find out if a planning, strategy and research is right option for you.

3 ways you can book on

1. Use the form above to get a quote
2. Email us at info@squarkdesign.co.uk
3. Call us 01476 245052 to find out which option is best for you

Squark Design brand Promise

We are dedicated to building long-term relationships with our clients, supporting them through the growth and success of their brands. When you choose Squark Design, you’re not just getting a service provider; you’re gaining a partner committed to your brand’s success.

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