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We believe there is nothing more powerful than a brand story. Customers want to know, like and trust who they buy from.

Our beliefs and values

Everything we design is focused on you or your business to help you engage, innovate and inspire. For us, it’s about creating a long term relationship with our clients.

We do this by visually communicating your brand story revealing your authenticity so you can build trust, loyalty and value in your brand while giving you the opportunity to see your brand in a whole new light.

We just happen to be award winning visual brand storytellers.

For us, it's all about creating a long term relationship with our clients

We listen and make sure we understand your business.

If it's important to you then it's important to us.

We aim to change the way you think about design.

Our solutions are designed around your brand needs.

From concept to completion, you can trust us to deliver.

We don't work with everyone. It has to be a good fit for both parties for the magic to happen. 

About the Founder

This is me – Michelle. Founder of Squark Design. 

As long as I can remember I have always loved art and design. My most treasured possession as a child was my yellow Crayola set. I took great care of it and nothing was ever out of place.

I would spend hours just drawing pictures. As I grew up, that interest progressed into designing album covers.​ Design took me to a world of imagination that made me happy and fulfilled.

As a teenager I went to college and progressed my passion, studying art and design, sculpture, graphic design and photography. I loved to experiment with all the different materials and styles and learn about different artists. I had a few favourites who inspired me but I always kept coming back to Salvador Dali. His unusual perspective on life made me feel it was OK to think and see things differently.

When I left college I started a career in magazine design and landed a job at one of the most prestigious publishing companies in the UK. I worked there for more than 12 years across several famous national and international magazines, marketing and advertising departments.

Eventually though, it was time to move on. Breaking free from the publishing world gave me the chance to start my own business – Squark Design – and a whole new adventure and vision for the future had started.

The Squark Design Team

Emily Potts

Qualified Business Coach

Emily started off as a client of ours, but our values and vision to help business owners are very similar, so I invited Emily to become a part of the Squark Design team. I am so excited to have Emily on board and to be able to give our clients the clarity they need to build their successful brands.

Michael Hallam​


When I re-launched Squark Design Michael was the first person I wanted in my team. He has a detailed eye and the ability to turn seemingly dull content into a best seller. Michael will be helping our clients with their press releases and content creation.

Lauren Haisley-Wright​


Lauren is the newest member to the Squark team. Lauren’s creativity, knowledge and experience in digital and social media strategy makes her a vital asset in helping Squark clients get their brand voice and personality over to their ideal customer online.

Squark Design Brand Story Timeline


We talk about telling your brand story. Here is ours. The struggles, the mistakes and the achievements.

July 1999
Publishing Designer

Michelle started work in the publishing industry after leaving college and worked for some of the most prestigious titles in the hobbies sector which included Classic Cars, Model Rail and Angling Times.

January 2010
New Era

At the end of 2009, Michelle decided to take redundancy. Wanting a new challenge she set up her own business - Squark Design. A graphic design and consultancy brand which helped clients such as Volleyball England, Nissan and Gaugemaster Controls.

September 2015
New 'helper' hired

Molly the new Squark Design office cat was rescued from Wood Green Animal Shelter and brought to Squark HQ to help keep Michelle company. Since entering the office, Molly has made it her own and likes to regularly walk over the keyboard while Michelle is working.

New Arrival

Michelle gave birth to her daughter, which changed her life as she knew it. During maternity leave Michelle decided to create a new vision for a better work/life balance.

November 2019
Squark Interiors

Michelle decided to focus on creating bespoke and personalised wall art for homes. It started when Michelle created her own vintage map wallpaper and started getting requests. The business was a sister company to Squark Design and was called Squark Interiors.

March 2020
Commercial Wall Art

In March 2028 Squark Interiors started creating Commercial wall art. Michelle's first client was the East Lancashire Railway after seeing her work feature in Steam Railway magazine.

May 2020
Personalised Gifting

As Squark Interiors grew, requests did the same. In May 2020 Michelle decided to create bespoke modern wall art and unique gifting for those hard to buy for people. This was great timing as the world went into lockdown and business for the meantime had almost stopped.

March 2020
Squark Interior Featured

It was around this time Squark Interiors was being noticed. Products were starting to be featured in some well known publications such as The Star, Sunday Express and the Belfast Telegraph.

April 2020
First public speaking event

Michelle is quite an introverted soul, but in April 2020 she did her first ever talk to a room full of people at a networking event. Michelle was extremely nervous, but everyone was so lovely and supportive as she told her story for the first time.

October 2020
Featured as the expert

In 2020 Michelle was asked to be the expert in an article run by Cotswold Life after a number of Squark Interior products were featured within the magazine. Michelle was extremely honoured and proud and still is to this day.

Feb 2021
Commercial Wall Art Business

After taking on a business coach, it was advised that Michelle should create a separate company called Office Wall Art to provide interior branding for businesses in the commercial, hospitality and leisure industries.

March 2021
Award Winner

In a time when Michelle was experiencing much change within her businesses, she was presented with her first award for Most Transformed Business.

May 2021
Under one roof

At a time when Michelle realised she had made a mistake, she quickly brought the design and interiors business under the one roof under the original name of Squark Design. This way Michelle could offer her customers everything they needed for their brand in one company.

Squark Design brand Promise

Everything we design is focused on you to help you engage, excite and inspire. For us, it’s about creating a long-term relationship with our clients.

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