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The average time an ideal customer will spend on your website is 52 seconds. Does you brand create trust, loyalty and excitement in that time?

What's included?

– See your brand from a customer’s perspective

– How your brand impacts your ideal customer via your website in the first 52 seconds

– Your ability to tell brand stories

– Any suggestions that will help your brand

All you need to do fill in the form and I will send you audit of your website and some regular updates.

Why am I not getting traction?

I was talking to a fellow business owner. They asked, “Why am I not getting the traction I expected? When I get in front of my target market, they love what I do and have no hesitation in using our services.”

That is not the problem. The problem is getting people to stop and listen long enough to understand what your brand and offering are all about!”

A few months on they were able to identify areas where they could build a relationship between the brand and the customer and developed a gap between themselves and the competition.

The journey started with this brand storytelling audit.

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