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Helping business owners build trust, loyalty and excitement in their brand


Identifying the areas in your brand that can be improved from an external perspective.


Understanding the stories behind your brand enabling you to target your ideal customer effectively.


Visually communicating your brand stories turning your ideal customer into a customer for life.

Running a business can be overwhelming when...

– Customers aren’t returning

– You are struggling to stand out from your competitors

– There is lack of engagement

– You spend money on marketing that doesn’t work

– You have lost confidence in your decisions

– You are constantly chasing new leads

Our customers no longer struggle with...

Building a memorable and relatable brand

Creating a space that creates inspired minds

Creating a memorable customer experience

Building engagement and trust in their brand

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We know what it feels like to...

– Try really hard but feel like you are not getting anywhere

– Not feel confident in your marketing and branding decisions

– Feel like you should be doing something but not sure what is best

– Not feel in control of your own brand

– Not know how to create trust, loyalty and excitement in your brand

It's time to take back control!

1. Book a meeting

– Take action on your problem
– Get some advice
– See if we are a good fit for you

2. Create a Plan

– Get a plan in place
– Feel more confident
– Take action

3. Get Success

– Build trust, loyalty and
excitement as you grow
your brand

5 most asked questions

For us its not about doing one job - it's about creating a trusting relationship with our clients so we can support them as their business grows.
It is difficult to answer that with a one cost answer as every client has different requirements. Products range from as little as £80 right through to a huge branded wall mural which may go into the thousands. By starting with a free 30 minute discovery call we can find out what you actually need. Once we have that information (and only if you request it) we can provide a no obligation quote for you to consider. This is so you can find out the cost for your unique project.
The discovery call can be done over telephone or online. It is a friendly meeting where we talk about your brand and what you are looking achieve. If required we will offer some advice or suggestions. The meeting is a maximum of 30 minutes and is there so you can see if Squark Design are a good fit for you and your brand. If you like us, we can provide you with a quote for any of the services that may interest you. There will be no sales pitch or hard sell in any Squark Design meeting. The meeting is about you. You are in complete control.
One of the most popular questions asked. We are called Squark Design after a New Years whisky fuelled run on the beach pretending to be a bird! We all have these crazy moments in life, but I love the name and people always remember it.
We understand this maybe a concern for you, especially if you are trying us out for the first time. By communicating what is happening at every stage of the process to our clients they feel in complete control of their project. Should they have a question, we are here to answer it. After 20+ years in business we have had no client requests for their money back. If you were to be that person this is what would happen. We request half of the payment before work starts and half after approval. If you don't like working with us and wish the project to stop, we will charge you for our time used to that point and reimburse you the remainder without any argument.
We request half of the payment before work starts and half after approval. If you are on an extremely tight deadline, we will request payment in full to get the project through in time for your deadline.
Helpful and quick to suggest improvements if required​

“We’ve worked with Michelle at Squark Design for several years and we have always been delighted with the results. She has designed and arranged the production of various important items quickly and efficiently, from our annual product catalogue to event stands, advertisements, tablecloths and promotional material. She’s a pleasure to work with”…

An award-winning design company that is focused on creating a long term relationship with our clients.

Building a clear plan that communicates your story and creates impact for your brand.

Communication is first class with superb end results

“I really enjoyed working with Squark Design as the turnaround is fast, communication first class and the end result always superb. And the cost is very reasonable which is always welcome!”

Simon George, Director,
Traction Entertainments Ltd

Squark Design brand Promise

Everything we design is focused on you to help you engage, excite and inspire. For us, it’s about creating a long-term relationship with our clients.

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