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Visual Branding

Win the hearts of your audience with beautiful authentic design that communicates your brand individuality.

A picture is worth more than a thousand words – it’s worth a thousand connections. At Squark Design, we specialise in translating your brand’s identity and narrative into compelling visual content that captivates and connects.

Our Visual Branding Services

Visual Branding Strategy

Brand Emotion Training and Workshops

Interior Branding

Print and Digital Design

Customer Service Experiences

Event and Exhibition Experiences

Packaging and Unwrapping Experiences

Onboarding Guides / Processes

Where Your Brand’s Visuals Narrate the Story

We combine your brand identity and stories into memorable brand images that resonate with your audience and reflect your brand’s essence.

Information Design

Our information design services create icons, illustrations, and infographics that distill complex data into clear, engaging visuals that inform and delight.

Visual Engagement

‘Engage the eyes to move the heart.’ We create branded visual content that not only looks stunning but also fosters an emotional connection with your audience, enhancing engagement and loyalty.

Packaging Design

‘The first touchpoint of a memorable journey.’ Our packaging design services craft unforgettable unboxing experiences that start your customer’s journey with excitement and anticipation.

We know what it feels like

“Our brand visuals don’t tell our story.”

“We struggle to simplify our complex information.”

“Our packaging doesn’t excite our customers.”

We understand these challenges and have the expertise to transform them into visual triumphs for your brand.

What our clients have to say

Recent Design Projects

5 most asked Graphic Design questions

Yes we do. From branded stationary, exhibitions, catalogues right through to illustrations, marketing campaigns and interior graphics. Squark Design has been helping businesses with their design elements for well over 20 years.
I think the answer depends on what value you put on your brand. If you are looking for a £50 logo we probably wont be the right fit for you. If however you see and understand the value of having an engaging and successful brand then you will more than likely be at the right price bracket. Look at our packages page for an idea of cost.
If it is the first project it takes a bit longer as we like to get to know you and your brand first. Depending on what service you choose it can take from 2-3 weeks. Once you become a repeat customer the turn around is extremely quick and cheaper as we already understand you and your ideal customer. Over 80% of our customers still use us after their first project.
We talk to you for a couple of hours before we will start work on your project. We need to fully understand your brand and ideal customer before we put pencil to paper. We will ask questions, listen to you and learn. We need to understand the areas that matter - because if it’s important to you, it’s important to us. Only when we fully understand your brand will we start your project.
Yes we do. We create everything from a roller banners, pop up podiums right through to a full stand design service. We work with another company to do stand build and install so it is ready for your arrival should this be of use to your business. To make life even easier for you we can also organise merchandising and print marketing too.

The 3 Step Plan


Introduce yourself

Come and talk to us about the ideas and vision for your brand.


We will build your brand

We will build a brand aimed directly at your ideal customer.


Support you

Grow your memorable brand with the branding support you need

Begin Your Visual Branding Journey

Are you ready to tell your brand’s story through powerful visuals? Contact us today, and let’s create imagery that not only tells your story but also enhances your brand’s emotional impact.

Squark Design brand Promise

We are dedicated to building long-term relationships with our clients, supporting them through the growth and success of their brands. When you choose Squark Design, you’re not just getting a service provider; you’re gaining a partner committed to your brand’s success.

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