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10 tips for successful brand storytelling

Remember what is was like to be a kid and to be completely captivated by your favourite characters? Whether it was an animation, tv show or film, they created a connection with us, one which we remember for the rest of our lives. Things don’t change as we get older we appreciate the importance of a good character accompanied by a great story.

When we incorporate stories into our brands, we create the same connection, and therefore create a lasting memories with our brand, product or service. There are many ways we can do this, but first, let’s go over a few simple, but effective tips to ensure your story stands out.


10 tips for successful brand storytelling


1. Consider brand positioning

Unless you’re starting a brand new company, there’s already going to be a pre-existing view of your brand. Before you try to get your story out there, make sure you understand what people think of your business and why. This is not to say that your brand’s identity has to stay the same forever – just as people change and develop over time, your brand’s personality and voice may be adapted. But you do need to be sure of where you’re starting from before you’re able to establish where you’re headed.


2. Think about the core values of your company

Prior to putting any kind of marketing materials into the world for all to see, consider the basic values of your brand. Does the content of your story match the values and voice your brand is aiming for? 


3. Why you are telling your story

Are you telling your story to reinforce your brand’s position in the mind of current customers? Are you trying to use your story to capture the attention of prospective customers? The most effective stories will turn your followers into leads and eventually into loyal customers.


4. Know your ideal customer

Social media has made communicating our brand stories a lot easier, but knowing who your ideal customer is and what platforms they hang out on will mean you can target your brand stories directly to them – providing you with better results.  


5. Wear your ideal customers shoes

By putting yourself into the shoes of your ideal customer you will be able to connect with them on an emotional level. Does the story further interest you in the products/services provided by the brand? The better you can answer these, objectively, the more effective your story will be.


6. Understand your ideal customers problem(s)

Understanding what your ideal customers problem is, and how your business can solve it will be vital in creating a relatable brand story with emotion. Once your ideal customer understands how you can make their life better they will be eager to buy from you.


7. Involve your customers in your story

An easy, but effective way to increase engagement in you brand is to talk less about yourself and more about your customers. Use your stories to show your ideal customer how your brand has positively impacted on the lives of your current customers. Use your current customers to draw in new ones.


8. Show your human side using video

Few things can better demonstrate the human side of your business like a short, behind the scenes clip, an interview introduction to a new team member or a time lapse video of your company in action – all are a great way for your ideal customer to see and understand how you work and how much care and pride you take in your business. 


9. Be consistent and authentic

Have you ever listened to a friend tell a story and they change the details four times before it’s over? Consumers are already skeptical, don’t give them a reason to be even more so. Always be true to your brand and tell your story honestly. Everyone loves honesty.


10. Talk about downs as well as ups

Brand often love to focus the stories about their achievements thinking it will improve the opinion of their ideal customer. Talking about a customer problem or your own brand story struggles and how you overcame them makes your brand real and relatable. If you always talk about how great you are, consumers will think something isn’t quite right.


What now?

Now you know the 10 key tips for successful brand storytelling you can now get to work building engaging relationships with your ideal customers. Having trouble? You know you can call on us.

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