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10 ways to improve business with interior branding!

Business can be improved in many ways, but using internal wall space is not seen as one of those ways. Business owners may be putting their business at risk by not fully understanding the value of branding in the workplace.

By using your brand story, identity and vision you don’t only create confidence and culture in your brand but you also boost enthusiasm, productivity and pride in your employees. We all know inspired spaces create inspired minds and happy employees create outstanding results.

So what can you do to take advantage of your internal wall space? Here are ten ways to use your branding and culture in your space to boost business.


 1. Show pride in your brand

So many companies don’t even have their logos in their reception areas, which is quite honestly astounding. Show confidence and pride in your brand and attract the right people to it so you can welcome them into your sales or marketing funnel.

Image: T&T Architects


2. Visually excite

Corridors and stairways are often left abandoned because of their shape and due to the fact that no one sits in them, but corridors and stairways are both high traffic areas and great spaces to use your graphic language. Use your brand imagery, colours and messaging to draw and educate people through the space. A great idea for these types of spaces is a brand story company timeline.

Image: Pinterest 


TOP TIP: Never use stock photography. Why? Stock photography is created so anyone can use it. That means that is has no personality. Your brand is better than that. It is worthwhile getting a professional photographer (this doesn’t have to be expensive).


3. Bring brand personality to meeting rooms

Many modern meeting rooms are created with glass. As a safety aspect they need to have at a minimum some dots at eye level so people don’t walk into the glass, but why stop there? Use your branding and brand identity to create an eye-catching design. Use your brand colours to distinguish between meeting rooms.

Image: Glassatwork


4. Invest in individuality

Creating feature meeting rooms really can showcase your company personality. Using company imagery as wall murals to distinguish between meeting rooms adds company culture and personality to the spaces. It makes it easier for staff to know where they are meeting (e.g “See you at 10am tomorrow in the Landscape meeting room.”)

Image: Lime Signs


TOP TIP: Make sure you use imagery that is relevant to your product, service or company. Remember that prospective clients may be invited into these meeting rooms so they need to showcase your company NOT you personal humour. Don’t use stock imagery. Showcase your products and services. Showcase your company personality. 


5. The importance of Brand Values

Turn your brand values into wall art. If your staff don’t already know your values or company beliefs, this subconsciously will get them in their minds and using them in your sales calls which will lead to more sales. Remember – If you show pride and confidence in your brand, you will instantly create brand confidence.

Image: Virodisplay


TOP TIP: Make sure these values are up to date. A lot of companies create their brand values when starting up, but as they company changes, 


6. Customer opinions make more customers

Promote your brand feedback by showing your best testimonials. Put them on a wall where visitors will see them and where staff will be reminded of the lives they have changed with your brand products or service. Use your fonts and colours to keep the artwork on brand.

Image: I-K design.com



7. Who’s Who?

Remember those days when you did everything yourself and how thinly spread you were. The people that now work as a part of your team are integral to your business success and future expansion. Show them and visitors how proud you are to have them work for you. Create that know, like and trust feeling for your brand.

Image: Nova Display Systems


7. Employee of the month

If a member of a team flies past their target one month, or maybe someone works extra hours to get a project over the line – show your appreciation by having an employee of the month or quarter wall and show you appreciate hard work. When others see you reward hard work, they will work harder for you.  

Image: Squark Design


8. Statistic Impact

Been in business a while? Show you figures as wall art. A really eye-catching and memorable way to show your successes as a brand. Ideal for corridors and waiting areas which will showcase the amazing work your team has done and pride in your achievements. 

Image: WorkLAD on Pinterest



9. Brand Story

Your brand history is important as it differentiates you from every other company in your industry. You can create authenticity and brand confidence by communicating your brand journey and doing this in a business or company timeline certainly educates and connects anyone who sees it. Use your timeline anywhere where people sit, wait or eat to get the most impact.

Image: From FashionUnited article


10. Zone with your identity

Many office spaces have an open plan feel to them and this can lead to them feeling a bit overwhelming. By creating zones using your brand colour, graphic language, values you can create welcoming areas in which your employees can be creative and productive. 

There are so many options available to suit your budgets If you own the office, consider creating a vinyl wall sticker or have it printed onto acrylic

Image: Office Snapshots



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