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25 Tips and Tricks from The Business Show 2022

The Business Show 2022 was brilliant. I was there for the full 2 days watching speakers share their knowledge and expertise and speaking to business owners about their brand stories. I came away with a note book full of tips and tricks and I wanted to share 25 of them with you.

Thank you to Will Roberts, George Swift, Jonathan Sellers, Kevin Smith, Gaia Ferreira, Dash Tabor, James Martin and Scott Keyser



Global business are created with the right mindset. Most business owners are physically capable, but you need to be emotionally strong enough to withstand the ups and downs of business life to succeed.

Eric Collins, Impact X Capital (from Chanel 4: The Money Maker)



Look at your web page. Look away. Look back. Does your eye go to the right place? If not that’s why your call to action may not be working.

– Will Roberts, Webbox



Be efficient in your role. Doing your job repeatedly means you get to create good results efficiently and still charge the same amount giving you more profit to put into growing your business.

George Swift, Bigger, Brighter, Bolder



When emailing cold customers, add a human element to the emails even if you are using a CRM system. It’s all about adding an experience.

 – Jonathan Sellers, Spark Outbound



Tell your brand story on the about us page of your website. Add video and engage the mind of your ideal customer.

Will Roberts, Webbox



Always work with someone to bounce your ideas off. It can reduce or completely stop business mistakes. These people can include accountants, lawyers or mentors.

– Kevin Smith, BOOM & Partners



Plan and research and make sure your idea will work before putting in the time and effort of launching it.

Eric Collins, Impact X Capital (from Chanel 4: The Money Maker)



Charge your worth. So many new businesses do a five star service for three star prices.

George Swift, Bigger, Brighter, Bolder



Stress shuts down the organs and puts the body into fight or flight. The blood is taken from the organs and fed directly to the arms and legs so you fight or run away.

Gaia Ferreira, Gaiaferreira.com



You don’t need loads of data to understand your customers. Use that data to understand repeating patterns and customer habits so you can predict their needs.

Dash Tabor, TUBR



By niching down further, you can double your prices and turnover.

George Swift, Built for Success



Websites must have brand transparency of how you deliver your service or product.

– Will Roberts, Webbox



You have to let go of your ego and leverage employee or team skills to be able to double your business.

Gaia Ferreira, Gaiaferreira.com



Businesses are breaking the law if they do not register their business for GDPR. It’s £11.

– Kevin Smith, BOOM & Partners



Core beliefs that were in-planted in us before the age of five are what we base our decisions on today.

Gaia Ferreira, Gaiaferreira.com



It takes focus on 4 key areas to create a 6 figure sales pipeline:

1. Audience and messaging

2. Direct Outreach

3. Website

4. Digital Advertising

Jonathan Sellers, Spark Outbound



The chatbot market is growing significantly. Just make sure you put a link in to live chat.

– Will Roberts, Webbox


Talk to whoever you are set next to at lunch, speaking session or cueing for the toilet. It’s amazing who you can meet.

– Michelle Jones, Squark Design



Think about your business finance sooner rather than later to get the best deals. This means you need to have a plan.

– Kevin Smith, BOOM & Partners



Post Stacking: Frequency of posts per day. Great to do for new businesses. Only do it once a week.

Jonathan Sellers, Spark Outbound



If you collect data from third sources, are you ready for a ‘Cookieless World?’ You need to be collecting your own data.

– Will Roberts, Webbox



At the moment advertising your business on Tik Tok is the cheapest type of digital marketing.

James Martin, Gainmore Solutions



In writing, contractions (words with an apostrophe) should really only be used in informal writing.

Scott Keyser, The Writing Guy



There is a huge problem with black women being able to get the financial support from British banks to enable them to start businesses.

Eric Collins, Impact X Capital (from Chanel 4: The Money Maker)



Full screen forms on your website increase conversion.

– Will Roberts, Webbox



5 extra ‘Squark’  event tips

1. Exhibitors want to get you fat!

The amount of chocolate I saw to lure you in was insane. Make sure you take healthy snacks to keep yourself going.


2. Make sure your promotions last/work

If you have a stand and give away bags, make sure they are strong enough to last. I had 2 break on me and that isn’t a good sign for the brand they are promoting.


3. Be comfortable

Wear clothes and shoes that make you feel comfortable and confident.


4. Drink plenty of water

It is so easy to get distracted that 2 hours can pass before you even think of refuelling your body.


5. Plan

What do you want from the event? Put a plan in action to get the best results. If you go in not having one you will not get the results you want.

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