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Case Study

Britain's Biggest Model Railway

SERVICES:  Posters / Model Railway Back Scene / Print Advertising / A-Frame Boards / Events Flags

Who are Britain's Biggest Model Railway?

A giant 200ft long ‘O’ gauge model railway layout


I was recommended to the owner of Britain’s Biggest Model Railway by another client in advance of them actually needing Squark’s input. It was about a year after that recommendation that the owner came to me asking for help with his design and print requirements. We had a spoke several times before work started on the first project – 20 display and information boards for their first event in Wakefield.

After the information boards were completed, we created visual branding for posters, A-frame boards, print media and advertising campaigns and we also created a printed backdrop for one side of the layout. All this was completed in just 8 weeks before the event started.

BBMR on BBC news
Communication is first class with superb end results

“I really enjoyed working with Squark Design as the turnaround is fast, communication first class and the end result always superb. And the cost is very reasonable which is always welcome!”

Simon George, Director,
Traction Entertainments Ltd


My client knew what needed to be explained in each area as he had build the layout himself. Images were provided from the project and he wanted me to devise a design. I created a few design ideas, Simon chose his favourite and then I turned that into a template for the remaining 19 information boards. I provided electronic proofs and he sent any amendments back until the final boards were approved, printed and delivered.

As the layout was to travel all over the country, the backdrop was complicated. It needed to travel well, not tear or wrinkle, be quick and easy to install. My printers and I worked on a few different materials and application ideas until we came up with the perfect one. We sent a sample to Simon for him to test and approve. He was extremely happy – and we printed the 250ft back scene. It was installed just before the layout was due to be featured on national and regional TV.

We spoke to Simon and his team afterwards to see if there were any problems. He gave some feedback, so when we come to do the ‘real and more improved one’ we know what we need to do.

All the exhibition flags, signage, posters and adverts all followed a similar process. By this point Simon had full trust in us and let us get to work and just sent him proofs for approval. Which made it very easy for him and allowed him to get on with all the other things he had to do.

What BBMR had to say


The 17 day event in Wakefield went extremely well. He received over 17,000 visitors (not bad considering it was during Covid restrictions). The layout received worldwide media coverage and has been the centre of many events and shows since. The great things for our client is that all the work can be re-used over and over again because we considered Simon’s future needs when creating the products.

Work has gone so well for Simon he launched a sister company called ‘Realism Redefined’. Simon came back to us for help branding and marking his new company.

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