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Commercial Interior Branding Design: Top 6 questions answered

1. What is a Commercial Interior Branding Designer?

A commercial interior branding designer is responsible for creating a cohesive, branded look for a business‘s interior space. This can include designing and executing the interior look and layout of an office, retail space, or restaurant. They use the brand identity, story, personality and culture to create an inviting and attractive and inspiring atmosphere to be in. They also create signage, graphics, and visual merchandising to ensure the business‘s brand is clearly communicated to customers.


2. What services does a Commercial Interior
Branding Designer supply?

A commercial interior branding designer provides a range of services to help create a cohesive, branded look for a business. These services may include concept design, space planning, selection of materials and finishes, lighting design, furniture selection, installation, and project management. The designer will also work to ensure that the space meets the needs of the business and its customers.


3. On average, how long does a Commercial
Interior Branding project take?

A typical commercial interior branding project can take anywhere from 4 to 8 weeks, depending on the size and complexity of the project. Your chosen interior branding company will be able to give an indication once they understand what your project involves.


4. How much should I expect to pay for a
Commercial Interior Branding Designer?

In the UK, the cost of hiring a commercial interior branding designer can vary widely depending on the scope of the project, the designer‘s experience and the level of talent they bring to the table. Generally, it‘s not uncommon to pay anywhere from £50£200 per hour, though some designers may charge up to £400 or more depending on the complexity of the project.


5. Where can I find a Commercial Interior
Branding Designer in the UK?

Apart from Squark Design based in the East Midlands, there are a number of commercial interior branding designers in the UK that specialise in creating unique, creative and effective branding solutions for businesses. Some of the most popular commercial interior branding designers are based in London and include:


Spacecraft Design:  This design studio offers
comprehensive branding solutions for commercial spaces.

Brand Union: They specialise in creating unique brand experiences.

Kin Design: This design studio is focused on
innovative and meaningful brand experiences.

Squint/Opera: Based in London, this design studio specialises in creating
brand experiences through branding, graphics and digital media.

Studio Makgill: They specialises in creating
and impactful interior branding solutions.

Designworks: This design agency specialises in creating
and effective commercial interior branding solutions.


6. How do I find the right Commercial
Interior Branding Designer for me?

To find the right Commercial Interior Designer for you
we suggest doing the three following steps.

1. Think about what you are looking for: Is it branded wall design,
a full office re-design or anything in between. Have an idea in mind.

2. Research, research, research: So important we say it 3 times.
Look at the websites, get recommendations, understand the pricing, length
of time your project will take and anything else you may have questions for.

3. Book an introductory meeting: When you have got your top 3 companies
have meeting ing with them all to identify if they are a right fit for your brand,
that they can do it in the realistic timescale you have chosen and that it is within
your budget and needs.

Once you have gone through these steps you should be able to find the
right Commercial Interior Branding Designer for you.


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