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Case Study

Gaugemaster Controls

SERVICES:  Catalogue Design / Leaflet Design / Brand Guideline Consultancy / Track Plan Illustration 

Gaugemaster Controls

The model railway shop for big imaginations


Gaugemaster saw Heljan’s catalogue and asked one of the Heljan team who had created it. They then got in touch with us asking for help with their own product catalogue. They felt that their catalogue was too cluttered and wanted a fresh clean look like we had produced for Heljan. We spoke over email and then met in person to see how we could help and to learn about the brand. They asked for an estimate for design, production, print and delivery as well as digital and downloadable versions. The quote was provided within two working days and then accepted.


Gaugemaster has an internal designer but they are over-run with work. I worked alongside its designer to build the new-look catalogue while sticking to strong brand identity guidelines. Visuals were created and sent to the client for approval. The designer and director asked for a couple of amendments which were immediately put in place.

Once the page template was in place we started work flatplanning and creating the pages. The Gaugemaster team was involved in each step of the process. All the images were image corrected and a digital proof of the whole catalogue was sent to them a couple of weeks later for approval.

We then printed and delivered the catalogues directly to them and sent over digital versions for their website.

We wouldn't consider working with anyone else

“As a business who could only take our look and branding to a certain level in-house, we are thrilled to have trusted Michelle with our new catalogue.  She “gets” not only the brief but also the people she’s working with and her output is top class. Fantastic”  

Ian Fowler, Director,
Gaugemaster Controls Ltd


Gaugemaster was very happy with its catalogue. A year later it came back asking us to create a ‘new items leaflet’ in the same style as the catalogue which we happily did. Gaugemaster has continued to use Squark on a consultancy or project basis ever since. This helps its designer when they get over-run, or when they need and external or secondary opinion on their visual branding.

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