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How do I measure my walls correctly for bespoke wallpaper?

Sometimes seen as a simple job, but can often be rushed and not done correctly. There is a reason why the saying ‘measure twice, cut once’ exists. So many mistakes can be made at this point that it is worth taking your time by taking multiple measurements across the space to ensure you get exactly the right measurements.



You will need:

– A measuring tape that is long enough to run across the longest, or highest wall, or laser measuring tool

– A pencil

– Paper

– Time (do not rush this job)

1. To begin

Sketch out a plan of your wall (or each wall if you are doing multiple walls) onto paper. Include windows, radiators, alcoves, permanent shelving etc.

2. What unit should I measure in?

To ensure maximum accuracy measure your walls in millimetres, but you should always measure in the unit you find easiest. It is better to have the measurement right than to try measuring in a unit you are not used to using and get it completely wrong. You can always convert your unit measurement to another using a unit converter online if your maths isn’t brilliant.

3. Measure the height and width of your wall

Buildings don’t always have straight walls, even in modern builds, so don’t just measure at one point, measure at several points along, or up and down the wall and record the largest number to ensure that your wall covering will fit. Note these measurements down on the plan you drew in step one.

4. Measuring Alcoves

As per step three, take several measurements. With alcoves, take multiple width measurements and use the biggest number as your width measurement.

5. Check your measurements

Please ensure you check and double-check your measurements to make sure they are accurate.

6. Send the information

Supply a picture of the wonderful drawing you have created with all the measurements clearly labelled to the company you have chosen to create your wallpaper or wall mural. They will get in touch if they require any further measurements or information from you.

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