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How do I start telling my brand story?

You may have been in business 3 months or 30 years, but there is one thing that differentiates you from every other competitor out there, and that is you and your brand story. I am not talking about your values and messaging – that comes later, I am talking about how your business came to be a business, what drives you and what matters to you as an individual.

By writing your business journey out, we can really start to see how different and inspiring you are and understand why your prospective client should buy from you and prospective employees work for you.

It can be daunting, sitting there wondering where you should start. So much may have already happened. When you start downloading your journey from your brain you will be surprised how much you have forgotten and realise how much you have achieved.


Why do I need to tell my brand story

You don’t need to. You can run your business as you are and nothing bad will happen if you decide this isn’t for you. If however you are looking to grow your business, then create a lasting authentic brand with loyal customers with a then embracing them into your brand is compulsory.

Communication and interaction with customers is now key in a brand’s success. Customers want to feel they are part of your brand. In the past companies that won loyalty and recognition through their clients made their brand huge. Today, an inability to connect with customer can cost a business it’s reputation, growth and market share.

For businesses to succeed they need to differentiate themselves from competitors and the only difference isn’t about product or service, it is about you – the business owner.


No one will be interested in my story

“No one will be interested in my story.”

”Why’s do you think that?”

I have this conversation more often than I would like. all the time, but as soon as clients get talking you would be surprised what wonderful stories come out of them. One client told me that he created a whole new product during Covid just to keep their employees in a job. Another started his business in a bedroom and 12 years later it is a million pound business. You may think these are unique cases, but I can promise you there are stories in you that you think nothing of, but an outsider looking in would find truly inspiring.

Starting at the beginning must be the best way – right?

Not necessarily. It doesn’t suit everyone. You have to work with the type of person you are. Some of us are organised and methodical, others are chaotic in their working but get results. You may want to sit down for a whole day and write, or you may not have the time so little and often may suit you better. The first thing to do is think about the type of person you are and then go from there.

The next step is to find a way that suits you. Here are just 3 of our suggestions that have worked with our clients. The following tips are great for fitting around your work load. No one is asking you to finish it in one go – the main task is for you to start telling your story.


Squark Design’s Top 3 Tips to get your brand story out of your head

1. For those who like to write
It’s doesn’t matter if it’s in the right order or not, the key aim is to get those key milestones out of your head and onto paper. Once you start writing you will be amazed what comes out.

2. For the organised and structured
Sticky notes are going to be your friend. Buy a large pack and write a brief milestone on each. Stick them in order on your wall. You can easily move them around and add new ones where needed.

3. For on the go commuters
Make use of your commuting time by creating a timeline in your computer. It doesn’t matter which programme but you can type away on each of your daily journeys until you get your brand story out of your body.


Struggling g know where to start?

We ask our clients to answer these 4 main milestones as a starting point. After you answer these, you will be amazed where you will go from there! 

  • How you came up with the idea for your brand
  • Where did the name come from
  • Your biggest success 
  • The biggest learning curve

Need help getting your brand story out? Squark Design are happy to help. Contact us to book a discovery call.

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