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How ‘The Angler’ pub wallpaper was created

There is so much that goes into creating a bespoke wallpaper. Take a look behind the scenes to see how ‘The Angler’ pub wallpaper was created.


Understanding the client

All projects start with a meeting and this one is no different. By understanding the clients vision, you have a base in which to start. Without it your project will fail. This project was going to be focused as the client wished to be renovated and relaunched for the Halloween and Christmas rush otherwise too much trade would be lost. I love a challenge, so agreed to the very tight deadline. Was I bonkers? Maybe.


Understanding the space

Understanding the area you will be working with is important. In this case I was asked to create a wallpaper in a space that would be a relaxed seating for the bar and TV area. Nothing glaring, shiny or off-putting should be used, instead we were looking at making a relaxing and beautiful space that would unite with the rest of the interior scheme.



The client had decided on a colour pallet for the pub interior and sent the colour names to me so I could colour-match the wallpaper with the rest of the interior design scheme.


The pub wallpaper brief

The only brief I was really given is that he wanted to incorporate the local area and the interior colour scheme. The rest was up to me. With the time limit, I was very happy to have some flexibility.


Research, research, research!

So important I said it 3 times. Understanding the area, building and history is important. You don’t want to be creating a feature wall that will jar against the history or area. This can even focus in on sports team colours (e.g having a Sheffield United Red in an area that strongly supports Sheffield Wednesday (blue) would be criminal).

Firstly I researched the local area. It is lucky as I live local to Oakham so I know it quite well, but research is still needed to obtain the right feel.

Acorns and horseshoes are representative of the area and can be seen in the local crests. I decided to use them as a part of the design. To make it link in well with the pub I wanted to add in a fish. I spoke to the client about this and he liked the idea of a trout. 



The pub wallpaper design

All the parts of the wallpaper were hand drawn my my fair hand. I find using pencil and paper a more creative way to get the right design. It also adds more character and personality to the design that creating the design directly onto the computer.

I had noticed that the horseshoe was looped one way on the local crests and the other way on the  company logo which was discussed with the client.

Once I found a style and design I was happy with I scanned it in and added it onto the computer and added the interior colours into the design.

An electronic proof was then created to send to the client. 


The client responded with the word: ‘Perfect!’

From there the design was created into a repeat pattern wallpaper.


Printing the pub wallpaper

The design was then sent to our printers who ensured that the colour would match the interior colour. Once this was done, they printed it onto a textured wallpaper and then it was delivered to the client (with instructions) in time for the decorators to hang it in time for the opening.



The Angler Pub Pre-opening

I popped in to see it up on the wall before the opening and here it is. The picture isn’t the best as there was no electricity as the electrician was installing new lighting at the time. Although the deadline was tight the client was able to be ready, open the doors and feel proud of his new business adventure. Squark Design wish the owner well in the new chapter of his business story.



Visit ‘The Angler’

To get a good look and feel of the wallpaper, pop in the The Angler, Mill Street, Oakham in Rutland and take a look and see the wallpaper and wall art created by Squark Design.


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