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Make your brand as memorable as the Big Mac!

Brand storytelling in simple terms is about telling the world what you stand for as a business and how you make people feel and change their lives when they come in contact with your brand.  This is what makes a brand memorable.

For example, let’s just say you are looking for a burger for your lunch. There are 5 burger companies local to you that all offer a great burger for around the same price. How would you decide between them? By businesses focusing solely on product, service and price you are instantly making it more difficult for the customer to make a decision.

Let’s just say one of those 5 burger companies told real life stories about their brand on their website and on their social media. They talk about the customer journey, the brand experience, show you the values and promises that may align with what you believe and show what it feels like to eat that burger – all allowing you to build a connection to the brand. Given the choice now, which burger company would you give your business to?

Millions of people around the world know McDonald’s. They sell millions of burgers each year and have done so for over 50 years. They have won loyalty over of their customers and thrived over so many other burger companies – all because they tell brand stories and put a feeling behind the product and brand.



Let’s just take the Big Mac. In their marketing they don’t just say it’s a burger and it’s £3.49 (price of burger when posting), believe it or not they have subconsciously built a relationship between their ideal customer, the burger and the brand by showing images of someone just like you, taking the burger from the branded packaging, holding a warm good-looking burger in their hands, having that wonderful moment of anticipation just before they eat it, and the joy on their face as the food hits their tastebuds.

We all need to eat to survive, but McDonalds show you that you will be happy when you eat their products – and who doesn’t want to be happy? 

It just goes to show you you might not need to produce the best burgers in the world, you just need to be able to visually communicate emotion and tell great brand stories.


How do Identify my brand story?

A customer or external source are the best people to identify your brand stories. They are removed from the day to day running of the business and have a clear  and realistic view of how your brand is perceived. When you are ready to create emotion behind your brand book a discovery call.


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