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Find your brand voice, and your ideal customer will listen and start to know, like and trust you.

Talk to us about your brand and where you are struggling

We will create and execute a plan aimed at your ideal customer

Allowing you to grow your trusted and authentic brand

Creating a engaging brand can be difficult when you...

– Don’t have a brand voice

– Have been posting regularly but don’t have any engagement

– Are unsure what to post, say or do

– Don’t have enough time to be trying different things

– Are constantly chasing new leads

Our customers no longer struggle with...

Wasting time and effort with their content

Knowing what to post and when

Finding their brand voice and personality

Creating a memorable and relatable brand

We know what it feels like to...

– Feel overwhelmed at the thought of creating content

– Not be consistent with your content

– Feel stressed about what to write and when to to use it

– Not have the time to deal with it

– Not know how to create trust, loyalty and excitement in your brand

It's time to take back control!

1. Book a meeting

– Take action on your brand
– Get some advice
– See if we are a good fit for you

2. Create a Plan

– Get a plan in place
– Feel more confident
– Take action

3. Get Success

– Build trust, loyalty and
excitement as you grow
your brand

5 most asked content questions

We have a number of services that can help you create engagement. These vary from free tips in our knowledge centre right through to content creation planners and newsletter planners to get you creating valuable and relatable content. We are working on a few other projects too. You can find out when these are launched by signing up to ‘Friends of Squark’ - a weekly email with tips, news and occasional offers.
To get people engaging with you, we have to talk and listen to you, look at what you are doing now, research and report back to you. Customers find this extremely useful as they get to see things from an external perspective. Once they understand what we see they can easily improve on their content and start building trust and excitement in their brand.
I can completely understand that you might not know what you need or what would work best for you. You don’t want to waste money on getting the wrong thing. If you are unsure, book a meeting with us online (through our contact page) or send an email to info@squarkdesign.co.uk to book a meeting through us and we will happily have a 30 minute free discovery conversation with you so you can get your questions answered.
It doesn’t matter what platform you are on, what we help to do is help you to use your brand identity and voice to create engaging content for your brand. You can use it anywhere from social media posts, email campaigns, blogs right thought to your websites, lead generators and press releases.
Content creation is an ever moving beast. Creating trust and excitement in your brand is not a quick solution to problems behind the brand. It takes time. What we aim to do is to give you the skills and confidence to create the right type of content, to monitor it, and to reproduce content that interests and engages your ideal customer. If you don’t feel you learnt anything in your 1-1 time with us, please let us know and we will see what we can do to change that.
We wouldn't consider working with anyone else

“​​I have worked with Squark Design on numerous occasions and wouldn’t consider working with anyone else in their field. They deliver everything they promise and are a pleasure to work with, Highly recommended.”

Ian Fowler, Director,
Gaugemaster Controls Ltd

Present with style

Helping you to transform the seemingly boring into the unforgettable!

Posts, presentations, press releases and newsletters all require you to make a memorable impression which can be challenging.

By visually communicating your brand stories, we can help you to transform seemingly boring content into an attention-grabbing story which delivers maximum impact – making you and your content unforgettable. 

Takes an interest in your business

“The Donor Family Network has worked with Michelle from Squark Design over a number of years. She takes an interest in your business to ensure that she produces work of a high professional quality to your requirements. Nothing is too much trouble. I would highly recommend Squark Design.”

Nigel Burton, Chairman,
The Donor Family Network

Squark Design brand Promise

We are dedicated to building long-term relationships with our clients, supporting them through the growth and success of their brands. When you choose Squark Design, you’re not just getting a service provider; you’re gaining a partner committed to your brand’s success.

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