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Pros and cons for using a digital backdrop in business

With more people working from home or dividing their working week between the home and office, virtual meetings are here to stay, so what is the best way to showcase your company personality? A variety of background options have come to light over the last few years from blank walls, shelving, unusual fabrics to virtual and physical backgrounds – but what works for you?

Let’s be honest, it can be hard to concentrate on anything anyone is saying on a video call, especially when the person you are talking to is working from home. You could be the world’s greatest expert in your field but when you are surrounded by every day home life the professional image can be hard to maintain and viewers are often distracted by anything that may be behind you.


What were you saying again?…

– I was looking at your curtains or your artwork.
– I was looking your books and wondering why you bought Fifty Shades Of Grey or Harry Potter.
– I was wondering if the books behind you have been arranged to reflect a certain image or spell out a specific word.
– I was looking to see what toys your kids have that are piled up on the floor.
– I was seeing what shops you buy your pants from that are hanging on the airer.
– I was looking at the dishes piled up behind you and wondering why you didn’t wash them up before hand.
– I was having a good look at the shelving behind you to see personal pictures of your family, friends and children.
– I was peeking in the mirror behind you to see what else can we see in to your room and your life.
– I just wanted to see else can we find out about you.
Oh sorry…what were you saying? What company were you from again?


“In May 2020, Zoom was seeing 200 million daily meeting participants. The following month, this figure had risen to 300 million. This compares to 10 million in December 2019.”

(Stats provided by businessofapps.com)


Ok I see your point. What are my options?

What you have to say is important. Ensure people listen to what you have to say and not become distracted by objects behind you is a must. There are 3 options you could look at introducing into your digital meetings.
1. Use a plain wall
A bit boring, but it is a quick, efficient and cost effective option
2. A digital background
You can either create one yourself or invest in getting one professionally designed that will communicate your company message correctly and boost your leads.
3. A physical backdrop
There are a few options you could have such as a self adhesive wallpaper or a roller banner. These can also be used for social media, video or photography backdrops and therefore makes a cost effective and multi-purpose option.


What are the pros and cons for using backdrops?

What are the positives for using a backdrop?
– Promote your brand even when you aren’t speaking
– If you have staff, ensure all your team are communicating the same strong company message
– People can see immediately what you do and decide whether they would like to talk to you or not. Weeding out those that aren’t interested in your product/service gives you more time to focus on those all important new leads or prospective clients
– Let everyone know what makes you the person to do business with
– Make you look professional and memorable
– Use your background as security screen when home working to protect you and any team members from your personal home life


What are the negatives for using a backdrop?

– Digital backdrops can break up if you move too much in front of them
– You may need to invest in a green screen
– Cost. A blank wall costs nothing
– You may not be seen as ‘real’ or that you are ‘hiding’ something
– You may want people to get to know you first before talking about business
– You may not like or want to use one. If this is the case, don’t use one


How much should I pay for a digital backdrop?

Pricing varies depending on company or whether you do it yourself. From my research you can look to pay between £60-£250 for a professionally designed version. If you do it yourself, the cost is your time.



Whether a digital backdrop is right for you or not, please take careful consideration on you background and ensure anything you do not want to be seen is way out of sight. You should only be communicating what you choose to, and not information that is important and personal to you as an individual.


Promote your business, not your personal life!

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