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Simply explained: Logos, Branding and Visual Brand Storytelling

What is the difference between a logo, branding, brand identity and visual brand storytelling?

It’s ok to not know the terms and what they mean. If you asked me to tell you the difference between four different types of bolts I probably couldn’t it – but those bolts are vital to keeping that object your are trying to construct together – in this case, it’s your business.

Here at Squark, we don’t like complicated business speak or terminology that no-one but the person speaking it understands, so we explain things the best we can and with visual guides to help.

So back to the question in hand – What IS the difference between a logo, branding, brand identity and visual brand storytelling? Read on and I will explain all.


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What is a logo?

A logo is like a name badge.

This is our logo. Our logo, just like yours is simply a name tag for the company.

Your logo tells the world what your company name is. The words may identify what industry you are in (in this case design) and the colours may identify what sector, industry or profession you are in. The fact we have used a ‘Squark-ing’ penguin may tell you that we have a fun and personable side.

That is the job of a logo – to tell everyone your name, and it is one of the most important parts of our brand – and it should be in yours too.

A logo should be unique, but it must fit into every piece of marketing you do – from digital to print – it must represent your brand successfully. A logo helps customers recall previous experiences interacting with a brand.


What is a branding?

Branding is your personality.

It is what you believe, your values, your vision, how you will talk and what your tone of voice will be. Branding is simply your personality which creates the image you want for your company.

Branding is where you create a connection and engagement with your prospective customer. It is how you attract like-minded people towards you. It is very much like school – you hang out and build relationships with the people you like and have a connection with and just say hello to those you don’t.

Branding is the building blocks of your personality.


What is Brand Identity?

What you look like

Brand identity are the visual elements of a brand. It makes people who see it have an emotional connection towards you, and is showcased in everything your brand presents and communicates to the world.  This can include colours, packaging, your newsletters, presentations, social media posts and email signatures right through to how you dress (your uniform, if you decide to have one).

Brand Identity is how you want to present yourself to the world and that should work seamlessly with your logo (name) and branding (personality). Maybe you want to look business-like, retro, classy, modern or even funky.

Whatever ‘look’ you decide is right for your brand you MUST be consistent throughout. Not doing so will create confusion to your audience and mixed messaging. Pick a style and stick with it. If you want to change it at a later date, do it under a brand re-fresh.


What is Visual Brand Storytelling?

Is your world.

Visual Brand Storytelling is finding and telling the right people about your business. Your name (logo), your personality, values and beliefs (branding), how your look (brand identity) along with your brand journey, vision, knowledge, expertise and personality (brand storytelling) and visually communicating it all to the right people.

This helps us to visually attract and communicate with the people you wants to connect with and helps your prospective customers to know, like and trust you. By visually telling people about your brand, it helps you to stand out from everyone else in your world and attract the right customers for you.

The best bit about visual brand storytelling is that the customers that you attract will be generally be with you for life, ensuring that your business has longevity.

The Diagram below shows each of the four areas and what they cover.

Image copyright: Squark Design Ltd


In conclusion

To create a lasting business that survives and grows – you need all these elements. You need someone who knows what they are doing and that will work with you to create an innovative brand that is remembered. Cutting corners will cost you more in the long-run and delay your businesses success.

Now you know  all the stages you can make the right decision for your business needs.


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