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Case Study

Taste Good

SERVICES:  Re-brand / Menu Design / Window Light Boxes / Packaging Design / Advert Design / Business Card Design

Taste Good

A restaurant selling a variety of authentic Chinese dishes.


We answered an advert asking for design and visual branding help. We spoke to Peter over email and started helping him with advert design, menu design and business card design. This led to working with Peter on other projects.


Peter is very clear on what he wants and likes to be involved with the process, so we work closely with him to ensure he gets it exactly as he has imagined it.

Peter sends a sketch or written information to us and we turn that into his visual communications keeping his visual brand in check. We send an electronic proof to him and he sends amendments back to us via email. We work together to get it perfect for him.

We started out on advert, menu and business card design, but this soon moved on to takeaway packaging design and turning his menu into a window box design.

Delighted by her prompt response and attention

“​​We have worked with Squark Design on a number of projects in the last few years. From updating brand identity, takeaway brochures and packaging. Their creativity and ability in design was showing the results which we were always happy with, we are delighted by their prompt response and attention during the process. It is our pleasure to continue to work with Squark Design in the near future.”

Peter Yau, Owner,
Taste Good


The owner has a cohesive brand identity covering the shop front right through to his packaging. Each year he has changed his pricing but his customers and income have continued to be stable (despite the Pandemic).

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