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Top 5 Storytelling Adverts that create emotion

When was the last time you saw an advert that made you feel some sort of emotion? Happy, sad, angry – emotion, whatever it is, makes you remember the brand in question.

I know as I write this a number of adverts are popping into your head and you maybe even singing along if jingle was included.

So what is it about these commercials that enable them to tug at our heartstrings? Quite simply, stories humanise our brands. In today’s world, customers are more interested in how a product, service or buying experience will make them feel rather than the actual product. It is now more important than ever to show the world what your brand means instead of what you sell in order to attract people with like-minded values and to set your brand apart from your competitors.

Below we have highlighted our favourite story based adverts in order to inspire you to follow the same route of telling a story rather than selling a product. We know an advert wont be in your budget, but you can use this technique in your website, video and marketing content.


Crown ‘Life Stories’ TV Advert – Hannah & Dave (2022)

What we liked:

We really like how Crown take you on the journey of a couple. From how they met to the reason they are decorating their room. Doing it to song really adds joy to the story. The fact everyone is wearing yellow and sitting on a roller (a lovely nod to decorating but not in your face). You don’t even know what product the advert is selling or who for until right at the end. Beautiful example of storytelling in advertising.


Volvo XC60 “Moments” TVC (2018)

What we liked: 

Volvo don’t shout about their new safety features, instead they use a story about a child’s future to show how Volvo’s automatic stop feature will improve your life by protecting you from accidents. They also make it relatable by focusing on the customer. Whether you look at it from the mum, the girl, or the driver’s perspective, you’d want those safety features in your car.


John Lewis Christmas Monty the Penguin Advert (2014)

What we liked: 

I admit it, this advert made me cry when I saw it in 2014 and today when I watched it again. It is one of the most loved adverts of all time in the Uk as it relates on so many levels. Every child had a favourite toy and everyone aspires to find and feel loved. Add a cute penguin in the mix and you have an advert that stays in the mind for life. Every Christmas advert since has aspired to reach the power of John Lewis Monty the Penguin.


Dove – The Reverse Selfie (2022)

What we liked: 

We all know that social media promotes an unrealistic view to life. Dove have educated in this advert by showing what is done to a single image to make it ‘fit’ for use. Having worked in publishing for many years, I had to amend images for print, and to understand now how it affects those that view it tells a story on its own. A great educational story advert Dove.


Parisian Love by Google (2009)

What we liked:

In Googles advert you watch the story of a student moving to France to study, starting a relationship and watching as it unfolds. This clever advert shows that all problems and questions that arise in this story and in your own life can be easily solved by using the Google platform. This story really draws the viewer in wondering what will be the next and how will it end. I like the fact this video is so simple – proving you don’t need a huge budget to make an impact!


What do all these 5 ads have in common?

They are not about the product, they create a story and emotion around their brand that in most cases makes them memorable for the life of the business.


3 tips to telling your great story

– Look at your brand values. Can you turn one of your values into a story?

– What emotion from your brand does your audience resonate with most?

– How will your brand experience make people feel?


What can your story tell your audience?

Need help finding and telling it – talk to us so we can help you build trust, loyalty and excitement around your brand. To book an online meeting Click Here.

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