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Case Study

Volleyball England

SERVICES:  Annual Reports / Sub-Branding / Learning Guide

Who are Volleyball England?

Volleyball England is the national governing body for indoor volleyball, sitting volleyball and beach volleyball in England.


Volleyball England Communications Coordinator talked to me about wanting a fresh, clean and dynamic look to their annual report. For years he had felt it wasn’t well presented or gave a professional look to the company. Having their data presented in an interesting and inspiring way was required along with a design that visually appealed. The report was to be up to 32 pages long.

They also required a downloadable Volleyball teaching resource for teachers and coaches to help teach and educate children about the game and how to play at an early age in hope to bring enjoyment and possibly future players for the England team.

They wanted a simple but easy to use design. Alongside this there needed to be illustrations of play and logos that fit in with the Volleyball England brand.


After the meeting with the communications manager about the vision for Volleyball England and upcoming projects and ideas, I was able to create a design that looked at the present and future vision of the governing body. 

There are a lot of elements to consider within all the projects undertaken in this contract. We break these down and work on one at a time, but focus on how they would work as a brand. How to visually communicate the information had to be seriously considered with each section.

Creating an on-brand dynamic design for the annual report would be the first job as it would become the footprint for the future projects. We used infographics, charts and maps to turn the content into visually eye-catching design. 

We took this further on the teaching guide by creating colour coded skill levels, tables and charts made using the guides visually simple. Outlining rules, how to play, rules, game play, session templates were all considered as pieces of art in themselves. Looking visually appealing but simple to use and understand.

Volleyball England also required five new logos that fit in with the Volleyball brand. With our branding experience we were able to understand and create cohesive sub-brands without effecting the core brand. All sub-brands had to be versatile, dynamic and clean.

Digital illustrations were created to show game play and techniques of the game so visual learners could also easily teach the sport.

Diversity, inclusion and differentiation into consideration throughout ensuring the game was inclusive.

Listened to our vision and made it better than we imagined

“Michelle at Squark Design delivered a brilliant job of designing our Annual Report. We wanted it to be dynamic, clear and to pull the reader in – it certainly does that. Michelle was great to work with, she listened to our vision and used her talent to find creative ways to make it even better than we imagined. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Squark Design.”

Michael Hallam, Marketing and Communications Co-ordinator at Volleyball England


Everyone was delighted with the end result. They had received some great comments and feedback from staff, teachers and coaches..

We have worked on three annual reports to date. With the funding needed, more advanced game play guides are now planned for the future. We hope to be working on the next guide with them very soon.

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