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5 benefits of Brand Storytelling you CAN NOT ignore

It’s an exciting time for businesses and business owners. With all the different digital formats in which you can talk to your prospective customers, it gives you the chance to develop a relationship with people through your content. Whether it’s through your website, emails or social media, sharing your brand story across these areas is one of the most effective ways to capture attention, engage, and nudge people along the path to purchase.

Sadly we still see that many brands that are hesitant to dive in. Whether it’s because they have reservations about providing that much transparency into their brand, or because they simply don’t know where to start, these brands are losing out on the biggest benefits of brand storytelling.

If you’ve been on the fence yourself, here are five reasons why you should share your brand story.


The 5 Biggest Benefits of Brand Storytelling

1) Brand storytelling makes you stand out

What makes you unique? Whether it’s your product design or service features, there’s a reason you’re different and people want to know what it is.

You might think it’s self-indulgent, but the most important elements of your brand’s story, how you came to be, grow, learn to do good work, and choose what you stand for are more interesting to other people than you think.

We’ve been talking to our clients for years about this, and it’s never boring to get a real sense of who they are and why they do what they do. Likewise, we love it when people ask about how Squark Design got started or where the name ‘Squark’ came from, it’s exciting to get to share our story and talk about how we are trying to help.

If you can actively spotlight the things that make you unique through your content, you can easily outshine your competitors.


FACT: Only 34% of people trust the brands they use.


2) It humanises your brand

People want to interact with people. By opening up and showcasing the people behind the brand, you make it easier for people to know who you are and, most importantly, trust you.

Unfortunately, many brands focus their corporate storytelling on product features, missing a huge opportunity to make an impact. Sharing your brand story is the best way to close that gap, demonstrate transparency, and cultivate more authentic relationships with perspective clients.



3) It helps you attract the right people

Brand storytelling lets you communicate more than what you do, it helps you show people what you believe. When you articulate your values, you make it easier for people to align themselves with you and you can better entice the talent who might want to work for you.

Squark Design only work with contractors whose values compliment ours. As a result, we’ve protected our brand story, which is something we take pride in.


4) It helps you communicate your values

Conventional wisdom suggests there are two ways to compete as a business: price and value.

Competing on price doesn’t just sound awful, it is awful and unsatisfying. In most industries there’s always someone younger, with a leaner team, or who can afford to charge less for something similar to what you do. Does it matter if their offering isn’t quite as good? Nope. Unless you scale like Amazon, it’s a race to the bottom.

Competing on value on the other hand can keep you in the game. Think of the value you provide. What do they experience? What do people really “get” when they buy from you?

By consistently emphasising the quality of your product, service and mission you can communicate why you charge what you do and the great quality you get with it.


5) It gives you more control

Now here’s the part that many business owners hate to acknowledge: You don’t have total control over your brand story. Your story is part what you communicate and part how people perceive what you communicate.

While that may be frustrating, it’s important to take ownership over what you can control. If you don’t promote your brand story, people will write their own narratives about you or even worse, disregard you entirely.

As we live in the internet age, we now live in an increasingly transparent world. It is much better to develop your brand’s story by design (personally, and with intent) than by default (whatever the internet conjures up).


Remember: Authority isn’t bestowed to the entrepreneur with the best message, but the entrepreneur most willing to express it.


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