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Creative Design

Win the hearts of your audience with beautiful authentic design that communicates your brand individuality.

Solving your branding challenges

"You are struggling to get fresh leads in to the business."

"The designs that you have used in the past don't reflect your brand."

"You don't know who to trust with your creative design."

"You are struggling to showcase your brand within your industry."

Recent Projects

Don't take our word for it

We can tell and show you what we do, but the best people to listen to are our clients.

Watch the video and then talk to us if we can help you.

Embrace Your Authenticity

Communicating your personality from the inside will reward you.

To outshine your competition you need to be authentic. We help business owners just like you to share authentic stories about who they are and their business journey. 

By using creative design ideas to consistently communicate these stories across all areas of your internal and external communications – magic starts to happen. 

People start to know, like and trust you. They buy from you, and if you treat them well, they become life-long customers.


Direct Mail, Folders and Downloadable Guides


How we can help


By simply using your brand story along with our creative design skill, we create solutions that work for you.


Aiming to provide a fresh approach to all the creative design needed in the business.


We keep your ideal customer in mind throughout all our processes.


Ensuring your brand story and messaging is consistent throughout all of your physical and digital design.


If it is important to you then it is important to us. Our solutions are designed around you.


Engage with your audience by bringing your brand to life on all your marketing and emails.

Listened to our vision and made it better than we imagined

“Michelle at Squark Design delivered a brilliant job of designing our Annual Report. We wanted it to be dynamic, clear and to pull the reader in – it certainly does that. Michelle was great to work with, she listened to our vision and used her talent to find creative ways to make it even better than we imagined. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Squark Design.”

Michael Hallam, Marketing and Communications Co-ordinator at Volleyball England


Creating your design with Squark


By knowing your story, we can create visual stories that can win the hearts and minds of your customer.


Using creative design ideas, we work with your brand guidelines to make a memorable impact.


Creating a long-term relationship with you means we can work alongside you and help your business grow.

Delighted by her prompt response and attention

“​​We have worked with Squark Design on a number of projects in the last few years. From updating brand identity, takeaway brochures and packaging. Their creativity and ability in design was showing the results which we were always happy with, we are delighted by their prompt response and attention during the process. It is our pleasure to continue to work with Squark Design in the near future.”

Peter Yau, Owner,
Taste Good

Squark Design brand Promise

Everything we design is focused on you to help you engage, excite and inspire. For us, it’s about creating a long term relationship with our clients.

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