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Visual Design & Experience

Win the hearts of your audience with beautiful authentic design that communicates your brand individuality.


Talk to us about the ideas and vision you have for your brand


We will create and execute a plan aimed at your ideal customer


Allowing you to grow your trusted and authentic brand

Creating a memorable brand can be difficult when...

– Your ideal customer has no emotional connection with your brand

– You use the same marketing techniques as your competitors

– You are scared to ‘waste’ more money on ideas that don’t work

– There is no memorable customer experience to make customers return

Our customers no longer struggle with...

Attracting their ideal customers

Creating excitement in their band

Showcasing their brand voice and personality

Improving their brand impact and sales

Our Visual Branding Services include

Visual Branding Strategy

Brand Emotion Training and Workshops

Interior Branding

Print and Digital Design

Customer Service Experiences

Event and Exhibition Experiences

Packaging and Unwrapping Experiences

Onboarding Guides / Processes

Don't take our word for it

We can tell and show you what we do, but the best people to listen to are our clients.

Watch the video and then talk to us if we can help you.

We know what it feels like to...

– Spend money on marketing that doesn’t work

– Use designers that don’t understand your brand or vision

– Struggle seeing things from a customer perspective

– Know how to create impact and excitement around your brand

– Not know how to create trust, loyalty and excitement in your brand

It's time to take back control!​


Introduce yourself

Come and have a FREE relaxed conversation about your brand.


Build your visual brand

We will identify and create memorable brand experiences that work


Grow your visual brand

Get continued visual branding support when you need it 

5 most asked Graphic Design questions

Yes we do. From branded stationary, exhibitions, catalogues right through to illustrations, marketing campaigns and interior graphics. Squark Design has been helping businesses with their design elements for well over 20 years.
I think the answer depends on what value you put on your brand. If you are looking for a £50 logo we probably wont be the right fit for you. If however you see and understand the value of having an engaging and successful brand then you will more than likely be at the right price bracket. Look at our packages page for an idea of cost.
If it is the first project it takes a bit longer as we like to get to know you and your brand first. Depending on what service you choose it can take from 2-3 weeks. Once you become a repeat customer the turn around is extremely quick and cheaper as we already understand you and your ideal customer. Over 80% of our customers still use us after their first project.
We talk to you for a couple of hours before we will start work on your project. We need to fully understand your brand and ideal customer before we put pencil to paper. We will ask questions, listen to you and learn. We need to understand the areas that matter - because if it’s important to you, it’s important to us. Only when we fully understand your brand will we start your project.
Yes we do. We create everything from a roller banners, pop up podiums right through to a full stand design service. We work with another company to do stand build and install so it is ready for your arrival should this be of use to your business. To make life even easier for you we can also organise merchandising and print marketing too.

Use Squark Design as a flexible asset

We understand the business vary in size and budget and therefore require different levels of support.

By using Squark Design as a flexible asset you can keep your budget on track and your brand visible.

Take a look at the 3 levels of support we offer and decide which is best for you.

Recent Design Projects

Communication is first class with superb end results

“I really enjoyed working with Squark Design as the turnaround is fast, communication first class and the end result always superb. And the cost is very reasonable which is always welcome!”

Simon George, Director,
Traction Entertainments Ltd

Delighted by her prompt response and attention

“​​We have worked with Squark Design on a number of projects in the last few years. From updating brand identity, takeaway brochures and packaging. Their creativity and ability in design was showing the results which we were always happy with, we are delighted by their prompt response and attention during the process. It is our pleasure to continue to work with Squark Design in the near future.”

Peter Yau, Owner,
Taste Good

Squark Design brand Promise

Everything we design is focused on you to help you build trust, loyalty and excitement in your brand. For us, it’s about creating a long-term relationship with our clients and supporting them through the growth and success of their brand.

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