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Who are Squark Design?

I am Michelle, the proud owner of award winning Squark Design.

When I first walk into one of my newly decorated spaces and feel the thrill and adrenalin of the change I am giving to my client. It makes me unbelievably proud and happy. I may even say mildly giddy.

To know I have changed their life for the better and to know every time they walk into that space they will feel the way I do. They will feel this everyday. This to me is my superhero power and I am very proud to own it.

I started Squark to help people showcase how amazing they are. Being typically British, I find we like to be reserved, stick to what we know or what we are told to like so we wont be judged.

There may be 100's of houses or companies just like yours, but what makes every one of them different is YOU, the owner. The journey you have taken to this very moment has been full of ups and downs, but that is what makes you real. It makes you human. It makes you unique.

Does your blank boring wall show your journey? Does it show your personality? Does it inspire or make you happy?

No? Don't worry, take a look at the extremely useful Knowledge Centre which will continually provide you with inspiration, helpful tips and advice.

Thank you for taking the time to visit the Squark Design website and to find out what we do. If you want to find out more, please book a meeting with me.

As featured in: Mix Interiors, Luxury Hospitality and Cotswold Life Magazine

What we do to help you


In simple terms we turn your story, your personality, your style into bespoke wall art!

Why do I need that I hear you ask? It is simple really. 

It is all about creating an individual space. Making visual spaces for relaxing, working, hobbies, eating or play areas for the kids. It is about creating a space in which you love to be in. A place which is desired by all those that see it. The best bit - it is all created around you, your family or business.

Whatever your space, it can change your mood, productivity and your life. Squark Design wall art simply makes people happy, proud and improves mental health.

Why we do it

There are so many reasons why we do what we do but the top one by far is the happiness and thanks we get from our customers. It really does make us so happy and drives our creativity forward. 

It is very important to us that you have a quality product and service. Creating a unique space is very exciting and we want to ensure you keep that excitement from the beginning of the project, right through to the end.

We love being creative and we love to learn. Taking all this and putting it in to your project, to make things perfect for you, makes us happy. We know you are individual, and that's is why we create individual designs for you.

Our timeline

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We have helped home and business owners just like you

Excellent throughout. A first class service

I've just received a print I ordered of the area in which I grew up. I'm really pleased with it and Squark were excellent throughout the whole process. Service was quick and suggestions/ requests were acted on promptly. A first-class service.

Frank, Dronfield

My husband was beyond thrilled

Squark Interiors are absolutely lovely to work with. I described my husband’s interests, chose a size of my coat of arms and she was back to me, nearly the next day, with a few questions before she sent me the initial (and final!) design.  The product arrived just a few days after that and I must say that it’s brilliant! My husband was beyond thrilled and can’t wait to see his ‘personalised’ coat of arms hanging above the fireplace.  Thank you.

Elaine, Broadway

Created something stylish and beautiful

"Friendly and professional bespoke service. Michelle understood and worked with us to create something stylish and beautiful for our home, but hard wearing and able to withstand curious but art loving little hands!"

Zoe, Birmingham

The Knowledge Centre

Inspiration and knowledge for creating individual and unique spaces.

We aim to teach, inspire, help and advise.


Watch Tutorials

- How to hang wallpaper

- What to do and when

- Trends and inspiration

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How to guides

- How to hang wallpaper

- What to do and when

- Trends and inspiration


Get Inspired

- How to hang wallpaper

- What to do and when

- Trends and inspiration