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Using brand stories to launch new brands, reinvent old ones and ensure they make the right impact.

Talk to us about your brand and where you are struggling

We will create and execute a plan aimed at your ideal customer

Allowing you to grow your trusted and authentic brand

Creating a relatable brand can be difficult when...

– You aren’t attracting your ideal customer

– You struggle to differentiate yourself from your competitors

– You branding doesn’t fit your industry

– You are constantly explaining what you do

– You are constantly chasing new leads

Our customers no longer struggle with...

Distancing themselves from their competitors

Attracting their ideal customer

Building a brand that resonates

Creating a memorable brand experience

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Professional and reliable service

“​​I am so happy with the professional and reliable service Squark Design provided. The design that they made up for my business logo and bill board was far and beyond what I was expecting. Couldn’t have asked for anything more. Will definitely re-use their services in the future.”

Luke Knight,
​Knights Building Services

We know what it feels like to...

– Not feel in control of your own brand

– Feel overwhelmed when you see what your competitors are doing

– Not feel confident in your branding decisions

– Feel like you don’t stand out enough

– Not know how to create trust, loyalty and excitement in your brand

It's time to take back control!

1. Book a meeting

– Take action on your brand
– Get some advice
– See if we are a good fit for you

2. Create a Plan

– Get a plan in place
– Feel more confident
– Take action

3. Get Success

– Build trust, loyalty and
excitement as you grow
your brand

5 most asked branding questions

It can depend on so many factors. From the level of service you have asked for and the amount of research and versions required. On average it can take from 2 to 6 weeks. If time is a factor please let us know and we will do our brat to accommodate.
As soon as the invoices are paid in full and the project is handed over to you, yes you own the copyright.
Squark Design provide you with formats suitable for both digital and print. You will receive a jpg, photoshop, illustrator/eps and png.
We understand this maybe a concern for you, especially if you are trying us out for the first time. By communicating what is happening at every stage of the process to our clients they feel in complete control of their project. Should they have a question, we are here to answer it. Because we are a friendly bunch, we are really easy to talk to. You can talk to us any time during your project with your worries or concerns. We will do our best to rectify the situation, but if you were still not happy we would simply charge you for our time and reimburse you the remainder without any argument.
We request half of the quoted amount before work starts and half after approval. If you are on an extremely tight deadline, we will request payment in full to get the project through in time for your deadline. If you are buying a package or an offer off our website, the full amount is required. If you prefer to split this payment please contact us by email: info@squarkdesign.co.uk

Recent Projects

Patient and made my ideas much better

“Working with Michelle at Squark Design was great. She listened to my ideas and made them much better until we got a design I was really happy with. She was very patient with the back and forth of designs, and was happy to make any changes. I love my logo and wouldn’t change it for the world!”

Sarah Adie, Founder,
Baby Pique

Branding is so much more than a logo

Branding is not just about picking the right font or colours – it’s about communicating your unique brand story, personality and a voice. 

We work with businesses to help them identify their brand stories which we then use to communicate in all forms of their marketing. By doing this we build trust, loyalty and excitement in their brand. This in hand creates a long-lasting and loyal customer base.

By being authentic you can win the hearts and minds of your customers and become trusted industry leaders.

Squark Design brand Promise

Everything we design is focused on you to help you build trust, loyalty and excitement in your brand. For us, it’s about creating a long-term relationship with our clients and supporting them through the growth and success of their brand.

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