6 Interior Decor tips for pubs

The number of pubs that have closed due to business failure or have an uncertain future has doubled in the first half of 2022 against the last six months of 2021, according to new figures (information: The MA) so making sure your pub attracts the right customers is extremely important to keeping your business going. Giving […]

How ‘The Angler’ pub wallpaper was created

There is so much that goes into creating a bespoke wallpaper. Take a look behind the scenes to see how ‘The Angler’ pub wallpaper was created.   Understanding the client All projects start with a meeting and this one is no different. By understanding the clients vision, you have a base in which to start. […]

Interior branding ideas: Reception and Entrance Way

You only get one first impression. Different types of people will come through your door – employees, team members, visitors, interviewees, couriers, journalists and even competitors. Whoever walks into your building you need to use that one chance to create an emotional connection between that person and your brand. Here are Squark Design’s top 5 […]

Feature walls – Outdated vs Desirable

For some, the feature wall is hopelessly out-of-date but for others, it’s a foolproof way to add style and personality to a space. So who’s right? Many people don’t know how to do a feature wall well, so what we often see reinforces the view that feature walls should be left in the past. Yet […]

How can a Visual Brand Storyteller help my business?

Maybe you are wondering how a visual brand storyteller can help you and your brand. Let me explain. Visual brand storytelling incorporates the elements of great graphic design and communication design and takes things a step further by fully understanding the core of the brands they work with to effectively communicate their story, values, vision. […]

Top 5 Places to Showcase Your Interior Branding

By using your brand story, identity and vision in your interior branding you don’t only create confidence and culture in your brand but you also boost enthusiasm, productivity and pride in your employees. We all know inspired spaces create inspired minds and happy employees create outstanding results. But where do you think the top 5 […]

Pros and Cons of Business Branded Content

What Is Business Branded Content?   Branded content for business is a marketing technique that involves creating content that is directly focused on a brands values, story or promise rather than on the specific products or services that it offers.  Branded content for business generates added value for your ideal customers. Instead of looking for […]

Funky wall lights for feature walls 2022

Our 2019 ‘Funky Wall Lights for Feature Walls’ article was so liked we have decided to do our favourites for 2022. Whether you use paint or a stunning wallpaper, these wall lights are great additions to highlight your feature wall.  Prices were correct at time of publishing.     1. Milky Glass Orb Wall Light […]

10 ways to improve business with interior branding!

Business can be improved in many ways, but using internal wall space is not seen as one of those ways. Business owners may be putting their business at risk by not fully understanding the value of branding in the workplace. By using your brand story, identity and vision you don’t only create confidence and culture […]

Improve your health and mentality with colour

I am sure you know that every very colour can trigger a different mood, emotion or feeling in your space – so picking the right colour for you at the beginning is key. But did you know certain colours are believed to improve your health – both physically and mentally? Below is a brief guide […]